A Story About Coffee

There are things in life which even technological evolution cannot make obsolete, such as the tone of a musical instrument, a combination of flavours or the aroma of a coffee.

That is why companies that have been active for over a century, like Moka J-Enne, one of the first coffee shops in Italy, are an irreplaceable legacy of artisan culture and manufacturing excellence.

A story told from an Italian heart

It was in 1878 that Jacopo Niccolai begun running the food shop where he previously worked as an errand boy; soon after he bought the whole place. The shop was located on the Piazza del Duomo in Pistoia, right behind the San Giovanni in Corte baptistery, built in the 1300s. It was a place which, since medieval times, was fulcrum of the city’s social life. Despite the fact that, at the time, coffee was a rather rare product, Jacopo began producing renowned coffee blends, which he created by roasting Arabica coffee, from countries far away.

Furthermore, the roasting machines used at the time, generally using coal, were also quite a rarity. Then, during the inter-war period, coffee became a more widely-consumed and a more significant product. Thus this food store in Pistoia, which in the meantime had also become a lab for making spirits, became a destination for buyers in nearby areas, from the mountains for example. In the post-war period, the company began supply their services to homes. This was an added value for Moka Jenne and allowed for a further, significant, development in the following period. Now the Pistoiese coffee shop is part of the Unione delle Imprese Storiche Italiane, which brings together Italian companies, of excellence, which have been operational for at least 100 years, with their history documented, and have clearly demonstrated ethical values.

Thinking big

In the 1960s, the company was being run by the family’s fourth generation. Business was growing and a larger headquarters was necessary. It was thus decided to move the coffee shop to the nearby Piazza della Sapienza, where — years before — one of Jacopo’s sons, Dino, had purchased a plot of land, where a pawnbrokers had operated in medieval times. Here, Moka Jenne grew even further, until it needed to relocate once again. At the end of the 1990s, the headquarters moved again.

With the company’s business being now more widespread and structured, areas of the modern Sant’Agostino industrial area were chosen. Here, members of the fifth generation of the Niccolai Cappellini family recently entered the company.

Service makes the difference

Nowadays, one of Moka Jenne’s true strengths is the ability to offer not only a series of products, but a comprehensive service, including experience, training, tools and everything else which is needed to produce a good espresso. A few years ago, the company founded a coffee-shop school, with qualified and expert teachers. The courses offered are a perfect starting point for those who would like to get involved, with the relevant desire and passion, in a professional sector which is now typical of Italy. When it comes to making the perfect coffee, knowing how to pick the best ingredients is not enough.

Taking care of the raw ingredients, being attentive and helpful to customers, and taking great care in one’s work all contribute to creating the espresso which baristas produce every day, and which has always been Moka Jenne’s calling card.

Made in Tuscany

Every Moka Jenne product bears the phrase “Made in Tuscany”, because Tuscany — when it comes to food — is synonymous with excellence. Among these products, the Crema S coffee blend is the most wide-spread: a blend with a rich and intense aroma, its recipe has constantly been perfected over its lifetime, extending over a century. This blend is perfect for shops which want to opt for a timeless classic. The wide range of products also includes further blends, which are able to marry century-old knowledge and new trends. BioChicco (‘biobean’) is a perfect example, made from beans with organic certification. This is an extremely innovative product on the Italian market, which Moka Jenne released at the beginning of the 2000s and is ideal for businesses that would like to stand out.

Atmosfera, on the other hand, is a line for coffee-lovers who want high quality coffee at home. Thanks to special packaging, in an inert atmosphere, boasting a special freshness valve, the blend is able to maintain the fragrance released when being ground for far longer; a fragrance like that of coffee bought in old food stores.

There is a wide choice for those looking for single servings. The MyClub1878 is a line comprising seven different products and a coffee machine, Mia, specially designed to get the best result in the cup. Furthermore, to complete the single-serving range, there is a series of compatible capsules, offering the best blends in the most popular formats on

Miscele Bar

Coffee Shop Blends

Moka Jenne has chosen its best coffees, both blends and single origin coffees, so that you can offer a diverse choice in your coffee shop.

This is perfect for establishments that would like their coffee to make them stand out, by adding one or more alternatives to their main coffee, with different flavours and aromas.


Una miscela di caffè provenienti da selezioni biologiche certificate. Un espresso unico, negli aromi e nei sapori, che rispetta metodi di produzione naturali.

Biochicco è il caffè da agricoltura biologica certificata che unisce gusto e naturalità. Niente pesticidi né fertilizzanti chimici, per riscoprire un caffè coltivato con metodi antichi. Gli organi internazionali di controllo
seguono le fasi di crescita e raccolta ed inoltre garantiscono i vari lotti di prodotto. Il certificato segue la marca fino al luogo di lavorazione.

A coffee blend made from beans with organic certification. A unique espresso, in aroma and flavour, which respects natural production methods. Biochicco (‘biobean’) is a coffee produced through certified organic farming, bringing together nature and flavour. No chemical pesticides or fertilisers are used in its production, making this a real rediscovery of coffee produced with ancient methods. International monitoring bodies follow the phases of growth and harvesting, and vouch for each production lot. The certification applies to the brand all the way to where the coffee is processed.

Miscela di caffè in grani
Blend of coffee beans

Disponibile nel formato da 1000 gr
Available in a pack of 1000 gr

Crema S

Una crema densa e compatta, dal color vivo nocciola, fa da scrigno ad aromi che rilasciano un profumo raffinato ed intenso.

All’assaggio un gusto ricco e delicato si sprigiona avvolgendo il palato con dolce rotondità. Nella bocca aromi di spezie e cioccolato si fondono con sentori di frutta secca ed una punta di tostato.

With a dense and compact crema at the surface, a vivid hazelnut hue, this blend boasts flavours which release an
intense, refined aroma. The taste which emanates is rich and delicate, enveloping the palate with a sweet roundness. You will be able to taste spices and chocolate, with hints of nuts and a roasted finish.

Miscela di caffè in grani
Blend of coffee beans

Disponibile nel formato da
Available in a pack of
3000 gr, 1000 gr, 500 gr

Moka Jenne Capsule System

MyClub1878 is a club for coffee lovers that do not want to go without the aromas and flavours, when enjoying coffee at home.

This club is for people looking for a pure and unique pleasure, to pamper themselves, and also to share it with others!

Moka J-Enne, with the MyClub1878 capsule system, sums up its tradition of coffee production and coffee-shops. The capsules and the machine have been developed to ensure the best possible result in the cup. The MyClub1878 capsules are kept in a modified environment, so the organoleptic properties are best preserved.


Crema S is Moka J-Enne’s antique blend. The recipe, which has been preserved and honed over time, gives out its full flavour and aroma in a typically Tuscan espresso.


Moka J-Enne has created this blend for all those who love strong coffee, and are looking for a full-bodied and invigorating espresso to reboot.


A coffee blend made from beans with organic certi- fication. This espresso, unique in flavour and aroma, respects natural production methods.


This is ideal for all those who would like a coffee low in caffeine, but do not want to go without a real Moka J-Enne espresso.


A perfect harmony between the delicateness and aroma of black tea, and the freshness of lemon. Perfect for any time you want a break.


This is a natural, delicate and aromatic beverage, caffeine free and low in fat. It is produced with the best quality barley which is blended and roasted with knowing hands.


Boasting all the flavour and creaminess of coffee, with the taste and vitality of Ginseng, this is a sweet, aromatic and energising beverage.

Capsules compatible with Nespresso* machines

Pack of 10 “Crema” capsules compatible with Nespresso* machines.

*This brand is not owned by Moka Jenne, nor by any companies thereto linked.

Capsules compatible with Lavazza* machines

Pack of 10 “Crema” capsules compatible with Lavazza* machines.

*This brand is not owned by Moka Jenne, nor by any companies thereto linked.