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pasta in glass jar


Italian pasta is prepared selecting durum wheat semolina and it has three main features: consistency, thoroughness of cooking, flavor. The product does not contain ( GMO) Genetically Modified Darganisms .For retail sector the pasta can be packed and offered in following formats: 250g, 500g, 1 kg, while HORECA – plastic bags up to 5 kg. Private label can be considered.

Aceiteras y olivas.


Every oil has a unique taste and scent. Italians / Spanish / Greece are experts in blending different qualities.
Each oil has different characteristics, colors and flavors which could meet different countries and tastes of every customer, .
African & Asian Sesame / Peanut / cotton seeds oil also has a unique taste as the seeds grow naturally and organic oil made from


Beans, peas, chickpeas, lentils is rich in its nutritional properties and it is good for our health. In fact, legumes, unlike salami, meats, eggs and cheese are rich in protein, but contain very little fat and are cholesterol free. They are also a source of minerals such as magnesium, zinc, calcium and iron. Combined with whole grains form a complete meal from the point of view of the amino acids, necessary for the proper functioning of our body.



Italian / Spanish Tomatoes products made of natural and genuine tomatoes, red tasty and juicy
these tomato products are the result of an advanced production technology, together with best care and attention, given by the most ancient industries of transformation of tomatoes and its derivates.
Tomatoes are selected and collected rigorously at the maturation point with a high standard.



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Coffee Cup

Blowing The Lid Off Takeaway Cup Technology

Convenient, hygienic and environmentally friendly, the Combi Hot Lid is set to save time, money and resources for purveyors of takeaway hot drinks worldwide.

Made from sustainable and recyclable materials, the Combi Hot Lid’s unique design is a new and innovative way of serving your customers hot drinks whilst cutting down on mess and waste.

Featuring an integral flap designed for adding milk and sugar without having to remove the lid, the Combi Hot Lid helps to cut down on annoying spills and saves time and effort for busy coffee lovers
on the go.

In safe hands

A leading coffee shop chain estimates that it has over 60 million visitors per day around the world.  Each of those customers will use at least one of the wooden or plastic stirrers which are usually in an open display meaning that any one stirrer has no doubt been touched by several hands before making its way into the end user’s cup  The Combi Hot Lid design includes an internal stirrer which remains inside the cup for added hygiene as well as reducing mess and cutting down on needless waste.

When helping the environment is your cup of tea

It’s estimated that a billion trees worth of paper and cardboard is thrown away every year adding to our planet’s rapidly dwindling resources. The Combi Hot Lid’s cups are not only made from recyclable materials but are also stackable, meaning that cardboard cup holders can be made smaller.

Hygienic, safe and affordable, find out how much time, money and resources the Combi Hot Lid could save for your business.

Coffee CupOLD

Coffee Cup Lid with Integral Stirrer

Coffee on the go just got better thanks to a new concept in coffee cup lids which have been designed in the UK.

The idea behind this new lid is so simple it’s ingenious! The innovation that has gone into this design will herald an end to the problems coffee drinkers often experience with the standard coffee on the go containers.

How many times have you removed to lid to add your sugar and it won’t go back on properly? Or if you have had to take it off to stir it? These are problems your customers have to deal with on a daily basis. This brilliant new lid boasts not only boasts a hatch on the top to add the sugar, milk, chocolate sprinkles or whatever else they want in there but it also has integral stirrer to make sure their favourite drink tastes perfect every time. So now you get your customers get their coffee, add what they want to it without having to touch the lid and then, as it is totally recyclable, dispose of the entire container when they’re finished. How brilliant is that!

In another nod to the environment, one cup can now be stacked safely on top of the other so you can easily carry two cups without the need of those cardboard carriers. As those wooden stirrers are no longer needed either this invention just keeps delivering. By offering these lids to your customers your job just became a whole lot easier, and how great will it be to not have your coffee shop littered with sticky sticks.